Arai GP-7 FRP


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The successor to the respected GP-6 series, Arai's longest lasting and most successful GP model, the new GP-7 model is now available. Standard Snell SA2020 and FIA 8859-2015.


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Arai GP-7 (FRP)

The successor to the respected GP-6 series, Arai's longest lasting and most successful GP model, the new GP-7 model is now available.

It conforms to the new Snell SA2020 standard, as well as FIA 8859-2015 homologation. A complex laminate construction has been used with Arai's patented peripheral belt for additional reinforcement, providing the best characteristics for the sliding ability of the shell.

Outer shell

The round, soft and durable outer shell is a feature that all Arai's possess. The ability to deflect energy works in conjunction with the helmet's absorption capacity to maximize protection. This leaves the helmet's energy absorbing liner to handle the impact energy that does enter the helmet.

Inner liner

Arai's multi-density EPS inner liner combined with the PB-cLc outer shell has created an unprecedented helmet design. The different EPS densities are seamlessly united into a single liner of uniform thickness that conforms to both the smooth contours of the shell and the organic shape of the rider's head for a comfortable helmet with great visibility and glideability.


Facial Contour System (FCS-2) cheek pads provide an incredibly comfortable, yet firm fit that cradles the cheeks and gently wraps under the jaw to reduce lift and limit noise intrusion from below. Optional pad sizes are available to help customize the fit to your specific needs.

M6 FHR threaded anchors are installed on the inside of the helmet to facilitate installation of optional FHR post mounts, if needed. The GP-7 also features a removable center chin piece for easy installation of a drinking system.

Other features.

The GP-7 (FRP) looks identical to the SRC version, having been manufactured using the same tooling, and comes with 7 holes in the top with white vents, two TDF3 ducts in the front, three teardrop ducts in the center, and an XDB duct in the rear. This optimizes airflow and keeps the head cool during riding. A new Variable Axis System (VAS) shield pivot mechanism has been incorporated to lower the shield pivot point while allowing the shield to fully open and clear the shell. New low-profile pivot screws are used, requiring the use of a T20 torx wrench, which is included for your convenience.

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Additional information
Helmet type Full face
Helmet use Race
FIA Homologation 8859-2015
Snell homologation SA2020

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