Arai helmets have always stood out for the search for the best performance in terms of safety. Even beyond the requirements of their respective homologations by the various bodies responsible for this purpose. It is not just a matter of complying with the standard. Meeting the approvals is only the minimum required, and we firmly believe that we should not stop there. That's why Arai always goes beyond what is required. Because safety is our priority.

From the inside out

Our helmets are built using advanced materials in all areas. The interior is made of Arai's innovative Dry Cool ® foams, which ensure a better evacuation of heat and moisture. Along with them, the antimicrobial lining is responsible for keeping the helmet clean during use. In addition, the cheek pads can be adjusted for greater comfort and the best fit for any type of head. 

The inner lining of expanded poly-styrene is responsible for cushioning and dissipating the energy received in any blow, to redistribute it and absorb it with the least possible damage. And covering it all are our advanced shims, designed to meet the various regulations, and beyond, in terms of shock dissipation, puncture protection and impact deflection.

Ruggedness and design

Arai helmet shells represent the first line of defense against any situation of risk to the rider's head. They must protect it from direct impacts, from any object trying to pass through it and even from fire and friction with any surface. That is why each one of them is designed and built with the best materials and the best techniques, handcrafted in our facilities. So that they can be adapted to the security needs of each buyer.

These helmets can be built in different materials depending on the rider's needs. We can find helmets with fiberglass construction and high resistance plastics for markets such as Karting, and constructions with interwoven carbon fiber for an even greater protection and at the same time a greater lightness. And it is among the latter that we find the jewel in the crown: the ABP-approved helmets with reinforced structure and ballistic protection in the most critical areas for the rider.

Arai helmets are also able to withstand high temperatures and even flames directly on their materials for several minutes. The materials and their construction are carefully chosen to make them resistant to this determining factor in terms of rider safety. Likewise, the shape and design of the helmet are conceived with minimum friction in mind. Not only for better aerodynamics, but also to deflect impacts and minimize the force that the helmet must absorb.

Likewise, all appendages and air intakes are designed to detach in the event of an accident and maintain this perfected design for the deflection of impacts and their forces. The visors are also subjected to stringent tests to check their resistance to impact from small objects, as well as their resistance to fire and high temperatures. In addition, their coating protects them from fogging and scratches.

It is for all of the above, and much more, that we urge users of Arai helmets, visors and other accessories to be on the lookout for any of these unofficial products. The manufacturing process and technology used at Arai is what makes our products leading in terms of safety. Any product that does not go through our processes will not offer the quality and safety standards guaranteed by Arai.