Arai GP-7 SRC ABP delante
 Arai GP-7 SRC ABP detrás
Arai GP-7 SRC ABP delante
 Arai GP-7 SRC ABP detrás


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Arai GP7SRC ABP helmet suitable for open cockpit racing due to its advanced ballistic protection (ABP) properties.


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Product information

Arai GP-7 SRC (ABP)

FIA Standard 8860-2018 GP-7 SRC ABP
To begin with, there is some very important information we want you to know about Arai helmets used in racing. From the top of F1, where we have been consistently involved since 1984, to the karting championships, through all the intermediate categories, Arai does not create custom "racing helmets" for drivers. The Arai helmets you can see on track, worn by any rider in any category, are the same ones available at your trusted Arai dealer. The technical features and performance levels achieved by our helmets on the world's most prestigious race tracks are the product of deep dedication and an unwavering commitment to Protection, refined through decades of experience: there are no shortcuts. 

FIA 8860-2018 FIA Standard GP-7 SRC APB (Advanced Ballistic Protection)

The new GP-7 SRC is the absolute masterpiece capable of combining Arai engineering, performance and comfort at the highest levels. It complies with the new FIA 8860-2018 standard, intended to be the safest in the world of high-end helmets used in motor racing, as well as an advancement in terms of protection compared to the previous FIA 8860-2010. The key to the GP-7 SRC's incredible performance is its outer shell, constructed with a completely internally developed carbon fiber (CF) fabric that combines the high strength and extreme lightness advantages of carbon, with the advantage that standard carbon fibers do not have to be extremely flexible (standard fibers tend to splinter or break rather than flex on impact). 

The result is a helmet capable of meeting and exceeding the demands of the world's most demanding riders.The list of technical features and technologies included in GP-7SRC is impressive because, for this helmet and its potential user, it simply has to be. For open cockpit racing, the GP-7 SRC APB adds advanced ballistic protection thanks to a shell built and developed to pass the exclusive ballistic test based on military specifications. 


It is capable of withstanding 225 grams of weight while traveling 250 km/h. The screen aperture on the ABP version is reduced by 10 mm. Please note that the GP-7 SRC APB and GP-7 SRC leave the factory without the upper air intakes (vents are left open).Each package will contain a package with various types of vents so that the rider can choose the most suitable one depending on the riding position and his preferences. Below are the components included: 

- PED (Performance Enhancement Device) kit (front and rear spoiler assembly). 
- Screw kit (4 x torx, 4 x washer and 1 x pressure plate set) 
- Vent kit (7 x Tear Vent, 2 x TDF3, 1 x XDB2) 
- Rear anchor assembly 
- Torx screwdriver (T20) 
- Sticker set (2 x 11 cm, 2 x 9 cm with masking film for custom design, 2 x 5.5 cm)

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Additional information
Helmet type Full face
Helmet use Race
FIA Homologation 8860-2018-ABP

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